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Oakland in Fashion: Leon Saperstein's Fashion Photography Exhibit

Come celebrate the Fashion Photography Exhibit FRIDAY, May 6th, 6-9:30PM:

"Oakland in Fashion" by Leon Saperstein Presented to you by

Inspired by Oakland Fashion Week (May 10th - 14th, 2016)

Date: Friday, May 6th, 6-9:30PM


2525 Telegraph Ave.

(Across from 25th street)

Oakland, CA 94612

Artist's Bio:

Leon Saperstein - Born in Oakland, California, a city of great cultural diversity. Leon has grown to enjoy the same rewards from seeking out these diverse experiences the world over. Having had the opportunity to travel to over 25 countries, Leon has developed quite an eye to find beauty in all places and faces. Leon professes, "I love being able to show people the beauty that is right in front of them, yet they have never seen." Leon got his taste for fashion during his 12 years living in Paris, France, and had the opportunity to work with many international editions of the most prestigious magazines in the world: Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Tatler, Marie Claire, Elle, l'Officiel and many others. He's worked with some famous models, but still says that the greatest reward is when normal people tell him how they became more confident or felt more beautiful because of what they learned about themselves during their photoshoot with Leon. He has also grown to be a great teacher, and enjoys the psychology behind what inspires us to thrive and blossom as humans.

Along side Leon's commercial photography career, Leon has been producing a collection of spectacular art images with a very unique and difficult lighting technique called "light-painting". He has been exhibited in galleries in countries around the world and is now looking to publish his first art book called "Love and Light".


Who should attend this event? The exhibit event is suited for photographers, models, talents, artists, craftsman, clothing designers, hair and makeup artists, stylists, light painters, marketing & sales professionals, event planners, art collectors, consultants, realtors, interior designers, home decorators, business owners and anyone who might appreciate inspiring portraiture, and any individual who loves fashion, beauty and supports visual artists and designers, and to market their crafts.

What to Bring: Bring your business cards.

How to Dress: Dress fashonably and/or business casual. This is after work networking, so even if you did not work...pretend and dress like you did! We all look good when we dress professionally. We take pictures at our events, so you want to look your best!

Photography: Our events are photographed for our Websites and Social Media sites. By attending our event, you give us permission to take photographs and use the images. All participants at our events are beautiful people and are subject to be photographed and used to promote future events.

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