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Next Level Easter Photography Tips

Happy Easter from Studio-FAB! If you're like us, we know you won't passover this chance to create magical, memorable images with your loved ones. Here are some fun and easy tips to take your Easter photos to the level!


Easter does have its own set of decorations and accoutrements (Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies [chocolate or otherwise], Peeps candies, etc.), and these – with their kaleidoscope of colors – will most definitely make for impressive and curious photographs… especially if you collide the colors and patterns together.

Sure, you’ll find repeating patterns and color and these should be the jumping off point for many of your photos. You’ll want to adjust your camera’s setting to achieve the most vibrant color reproduction (you can do this after-the-fact, but that might be too much work, when you can get the robust colors with a quick tweak of the settings). You’ll want to over-expose the images by maybe 1 to 1 ½ stops for the most saturated colors.


Easter, like Christmas, has a certain amount of “prep time” associated with the holiday that might take place a few days in advance of the actual holiday. One of those prep time activities is decorating the Easter Eggs. Be sure to capture these moments as the dye is applied to eggs.

Shoot with a longer lens (80mm or a 100mm) in order to remain far enough away to be unobtrusive, and still get tight framing. Turn the mode dial to AV (Aperture Priority) mode, select a low ISO and a wide aperture. Let the camera choose the correct shutter speed. Use an external flash (with a diffuser) to fill in any dark spots. Other candid shot opportunities are the anticipatory moments before the Easter Egg Hunt begins.


Easter’s hands-on experience is engrossing for children, and you’ll have a wonderful time sneaking in to capture intense expressions on their youthful faces. Use a 80mm – 200mm zoom lens for the most flexibility and versatility (in terms of composition, depth of field and distance from subject). Use the spot metering mode and meter on the child’s face.

Expressions can make or break a photograph, so this is why you want to take a many photos and try not to be noticed by your subject. If your subject reacts to the camera being around, it spoils your chances for true candid photos, which are the most interesting. Keep the aperture around f/4 or f/5.6 for the right amount of depth of field.


When you think of Easter photo settings, chances are images of beautiful wildflowers and fields of green are some of the first thoughts that pop into your mind. These are fantastic starting points for capturing a perfect Easter theme. Here are a few more that we’d love to share.

5 SUN!

Pay attention to the position of the sun. Try to take your photos with your child backlit – facing the camera, with the sun behind your child. Shade is your friend. If you get lucky and the event has shade, take your photos in the shade. Also watch where your shadows are at, although this is hard to do as your child is running around searching for eggs. Better to get a shot with your shadow than no shot at all.


Spice up your Easter prop game with these fun ideas for your next photoshoot. From colorful eggs to unique backdrops, here are a few easy ways you can up your Easter photographs and impress clients with your creativity.

Creating your own DIY Backdrop is a really easy way to integrate a theme into your photo shoot. Here are a few of our favorites from around the web.

We hope these ideas help spur some inspiration for your next Easter or spring photoshoot. Share your Easter photos with us on Instagram by tagging us at @studioFABphotography!

Happy Easter!



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